Photo Friday: Let It Snow

As the temperatures dip near zero at the beginning of our Minnesota/North Dakota winter, does anyone else find it is easy to start the hibernating process early?

For me, today began filling up like every other day with projects, tasks, and deadlines.  But this morning my dear wife encouraged me to take some time to enjoy the beauty of the soft snow that had recently fallen, pull my camera out of its case and walk around - 'just for a little bit'.

It seemed like a good idea.  So I grabbed my camera, picked a lens, and got my boots on.

The snow on the trees reminded me of growing up in northern Minnesota and walking through the pine trees in our woods - trying hard to keep the snow from getting knocked down the neck of my jacket.

I got some nice shots - but it was fun to live 'in the moment' and appreciate the creation around me for just a few minutes today.  A great way to get some inspiration for the rest of my creative & technical day!