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Purpose of CMS in marketing

A good content management system can help your internal team working on marketing and content production create their own assets on your website. Whether you are blogging, putting out image galleries, or publishing infographics, you need a CMS solution that will empower your team to do more with less. Your technology stack should give you the ability to help market and brand your business.

If you want to produce content on your own or have an internal team working on content – this page is for you.

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There are a variety of CMS platforms that are used in digital marketing and content marketing. These include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, DotCMS, TYPO3 and many more. All platforms are primarily designed to help internal teams organize and create content on a website. This is usually done with no-code solutions and easy to use interfaces. Each of these platforms are graded on their design options, data portability, ability to extensions/plugins, etc.

We use and recommend WordPress.

Types of content

Blog posts

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Blog posts are a core function of any CMS worth it's salt. The ability to publish organized content in the form of a blog post is something that will help both your SEO and public relations. Blogs can be created on Bluestem Media's CMS platforms.


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Pages are the core of a business website. The home page, about page, location pages, contact page and more all make up the central part of your website architecture. "Pages" are built in to our CMS platforms.

Custom post types

Custom post types give you the ability to go beyond the default "post types" in WordPress and create custom fields and category structure. This is a powerful tool that may of our clients are using for content that does not neatly fit in the predefined post types provided by our CMS.


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Media attachments include photos, video, PDFs, GIFs and audio clips. These all add to the experience of your website and improve the overall marketing. Our platforms have the ability to sort, organize and optimize media attachments within your website.

Features of our CMS platforms

Roles and rights management

CMS platforms give the owner the ability to manage how users interact within the back-end of their website. In our preferred platform, WordPress, this is done by assigning a "role". This can include anything from the "subscriber" level, all the way up to the "administrator" level. With each of these roles come defined rights and areas of the structure they are able to access and edit. We are careful to assign these roles properly to ensure your data is secure.

Page editors

Page editors allow a website user to adjust the visual nature of the website. This is done a couple of ways: on core pages, the physical layout is adjusted by Beaver Builder. On posts, the content and media attachments are adjusted through the post editor.

Digital asset manager

A digital asset manager allows a website owner to organize and optimize media. In the case of WordPress, this is done under the Media tab, where all items are listed with a thumbnail. When an asset is clicked, it gives all information about the media item, including when it was uploaded, file size, dimensions, alternative text, and more.

Integrations and customization

Our CMS platform allows us to integrate pre-built plugins and integrations to unlock powerful potential for your business.

No coding knowledge needed

Since Bluestem Media uses WordPress as our preferred CMS, your internal team does NOT have to learn coding to produce content on the website. You will be able to use a series of visual editors and word processor-like applications to create blog posts, pages, etc.

Let's get started.

Our discovery calls are focused on delivering value and seeing if Bluestem Media would be a good fit for your business.

Let's get started.

Our discovery calls are focused on delivering value and seeing if Bluestem Media would be a good fit for your business.