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Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is not the flashiest subject in marketing. But if you are reading this page, you are probably interested in the little details of what makes a website work. It's the policy of Bluestem Media to keep the websites under our management maintained and updated.

What is included with website maintenance

Content updates

When you need to add new employees to your About page, update hours, or add a completely new page. We can easily add this content to your website.

Plugin updates

We ensure all plugins are updated and working on your website, so you don't end up with any surprises.

Issue troubleshooting

Sometimes issues arise on websites due to external changes. We can help you find the issue and resolve it quickly.

Data backups

We keep backups of our client websites to ensure we can rebuild a site quickly in a catastrophic event.

writing clean code on mac

Support team

Bluestem Media is your digital support team, ready to help answer questions about marketing, websites, eCommerce, SEO, hosting, and more. You have access to our personal emails and phone numbers.

Security & uptime monitoring

We monitor your website's uptime status 24/7/365. This includes security protocols that allow your website to stay secure for all users.

Why should I keep my website updated? 

It can be tempting to build a website and never think about it again. But infrastructure always needs upkeep - including digital infrastructure.

Plugins need updating

WordPress (the platform we trust for our websites) utilizes plugins to drive certain functions on each website. The developers of each plugin release occasional updates to improve functionality and security. These updates need to be pushed out to your website, which we manage at Bluestem Media.

Businesses change, and websites should too

You hire new people, employees leave, and service offerings change over time. You need to make sure your digital assets (like your website) reflect the reality of what is going on inside the business.

Search engines like fresh website content

Search engines like Google and Bing like to see your website always improving and adding new content to help users on the web. Make sure you are publishing fresh, new, helpful content to your website.

Speed and performance see a boost

When you update a website, it's common to see improvement in the speed of page loading, cumulative layout shift, etc.

updating website 3d model
updating website 3d model

Let's get started.

Our discovery calls are focused on delivering value and seeing if Bluestem Media would be a good fit for your business.

Let's get started.

Our discovery calls are focused on delivering value and seeing if Bluestem Media would be a good fit for your business.