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Web Design Agency

"They do excellent work with webpage design and functionality."

- Dr. Vincent Pankonin, Owner of Dr. Big Pain Solutions

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Best part about web design on the beach? The sunshine. Worst part? Getting sand in your keyboard.

Our process for designing a website

phone icon Consult

Going over options, problems, functionality and website packages.

page icon Proposal

Written proposal with plan, pricing and subscription options.

keyboard icon Content

Gathering, creating and editing the content for your website.

wireframe icon Design & Wireframing

Pulling together colors, fonts, design elements and wireframes for your new site.

building icon Building & Development

Developing your website and building web assets.

rocket icon Launch & Support

Website goes live and we provide ongoing support.

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Our team sees a website as more than just a "digital brochure". It's the focal point for all other digital and real-world marketing efforts. It's the place where web visitors become real leads in your email inbox. Since the website plays such a core role in these efforts, we believe in investing time and resources into this digital asset.

When you look under the hood at a website, you'll find a variety of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more that all work together in a form of a dance to create an aesthetic, yet functional experience. The content management system (CMS) we use to bring all of these things together is WordPress. We believe it's the best platform for small and medium businesses to house their "digital storefront".

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Services we offer

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  • Web design: Bluestem Media creates custom website designs for every client, ensuring it is functional, beautiful, and responsive. We don't use pre-built templates or themes.
  • SEO: Our SEO services give your website the best chance possible to rank in search engines, including Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.
  • Digital/online marketing: Helping you implement strategies and best practices for all channels of your digital marketing, including email marketing, social media best practices, Google Business Profile advising, Web 2.0 platforms, and more.
  • User experience design (UX): We pay attention to how a customer will physically interact on your website. How will they interact with menus on a mobile device? Where should the call-to-action button be located on the page? These are all questions we consider to make an excellent UX.
  • eCommerce design: Your website can become your digital storefront. We help you process payments, manage inventory, and more.
  • Content management system (CMS): We will help you set up custom CMS solutions to help your business write content, manage news posts and blogs, etc.
  • Web hosting & server management: Providing a secure, reliable, fast web hosting environment for your website. We utilize private servers that give users a faster, more secure experience on the web.
  • Maintenance and support: Our team manages website maintenance, including security, plugins, backups, etc. You can always call us with support-related questions!
  • Graphic design: Our graphic design services include custom brand logos, images, infographics, icons, and other visual elements for your website.

Need to sell online? We build and host eCommerce websites, too.

Whether you sell an online course, custom gadgets or manufacturing equipment, we can help you set up shop with eCommerce tools and design. This includes payment processing, invoice tools, inventory management, purchase order sales,  equipment rental, and event tickets

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The Events Calendar plugin is useful for building events based websites with tickets
Stripe payment for eccommerce websites
We work with PayPal payment processor for your ecommerce website

Our client's eCommerce website increased pageviews by 800% after launch in the retail garden space. Read case study →

Bluestem Media Guarantee

After we launch a website, we don't just leave you hanging. We continue to provide security, updates, and service after. You have our email addresses and phone numbers and can reach out at any time.

When you work with Bluestem Media, you can have us on speed dial!

What our clients are saying

"They do excellent work with webpage design and functionality."

- Dr. Vincent Pankonin, Owner of Dr. Big Pain Solutions

"Easy to work with, always very responsive and professional!"

- Kari Score, Owner of Dakota Storage Products

"Our site is beautiful, simple and easy to navigate."

- Dr. Martha Kearns, President of North Dakota American College of Radiology

"It is difficult to find a webpage developer who is more responsive and reliable than Bluestem Media."

- Bridgit Ulrich Pankonin, Owner of Integrity Counseling

"Bluestem treated me like a VIP through the entire process."

- Peter Szuba, Owner of Gulf Coast Carpet Care

Websites and landing pages

wireframe mockup set

flow icon Sitemap

This is where we play "web architect" and plan out the whole website. We look at where each page should be located in the site hierarchy. Our content strategists will develop and explain this plan to you.

pencil icon Wireframes

We use wireframes to plan out the skeleton structure of where elements will be placed on each page. Images, buttons, paragraphs, and headings are all mapped out.

tablet icon Mockups

This is when we display a "3D" version of your proposed website build. We can play with colors and elements, and get a feel for what the website will represent when it's built on the platform.

We build landing pages that convert users to customers.

How strong web design can grow your business

One of the questions we talk about all the time is "How will a website help my business monetarily?".

Designing an aesthetic, user-friendly website will help you frame your message with your intended audience and boost conversions. Web design has been the core driver of business for Bluestem Media for over 10 years, and even in the age of a changing digital marketing landscape, -- complete with AI, social media, and video platforms -- web design will remain at the core of our business.

This is because websites are built for people, not for algorithms. People "like it" when things look good. They have a gut-level trust of businesses and institutions that have their act together.  A well-designed website can be the deciding factor when a user is picking between you and a competitor.

Design also plays a massive role in converting traffic. All things being equal, a site architecture that has been thought through and pondered over will get more people to do to business. This process is called conversion rate optimization, and it's a concept we talk about on company Zoom calls all the time: how to squeeze more value out of existing web traffic.

By leveraging experienced designers and developers, our websites DO convert more leads than the average website.

What you get with a custom-made website

computer representing real estate icon

Own a piece of "digital real estate" to showcase your business to the world

When you own a website - you own an asset. Just like real estate! This is yours to keep and use to let potential customers and clients know exactly what problem you solve for them.

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Custom theme development

We build websites unique for each client. This means using custom themes in our WordPress builds. This allows you to ensure your website is unique to YOU and YOUR business.

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Eye-catching graphics and icons

Your website should stand out and reflect the professionalism you strive to display every day. We use a selection of graphics, photos, and icons in our design to make sure your website looks modern, fresh, and compelling to a potential client. Bluestem has access to professional designers (and even a world-renowned artist) to make your website look amazing.

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Custom event functionality, scheduling, tickets, and more

Many of our clients request some type of online functionality related to events, tickets, registrations, RSVPs, etc. Our development team has the ability to set this up on your website. Some clients of ours are looking to host online webinars. Others are looking to process ticket sales for an upcoming live event. Others simply want a way to schedule clients online.

Whatever you want to do, we will help you accomplish it on your website.

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eCommerce and payment processing

Whether you are trying to sell locally in Pensacola, or broaden your horizons regionally or nationally - it can be a huge boost to have online products available. We are very experienced in helping our clients set up eCommerce platforms to sell products and services online. Woocommerce, Stripe, Events Calendar and more are our specialty.

Don't know where to start with eCommerce - but you know you need it? Just tell us! We will walk you through each step.

lock icon

Security, updates, and backups

Many clients who switch over to Bluestem Media tell us their old web service providers NEVER did any security or updates. This means their website was vulnerable to attacks, phishing, scams and other internet-based risks. We make sure your website is secure and updated. Bluestem even keeps backups of all websites, just in case. It's part of the way we do business!

Based in Navarre, Florida

But our services are offered throughout the nation.

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About us

Bluestem Media is a family-owned and operated web design agency. We have been building websites and working with web design since the early 2000's. Bluestem was originally founded in Glyndon, Minnesota -- where the vast prairie grasslands were the inspiration for the business name. In 2019, the business relocated to sunny Navarre, Florida.


We quote 8 weeks minimum for a standard website. Depending on functionality, scale, and complexity, this can increase to 12 or 15 weeks. We will give you a time estimate for your specific project.

A website will usually cost anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000. This will depend on what package you select, the level of design required, etc. We will give you a detailed quote/proposal for your project.

We build our websites with solid architecture, responsive design, and snappy speed. All of these factors give you a huge boost for SEO. Bluestem also offers SEO consulting to help you win in Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

Yes, we will design your website to look and work well on mobile devices. Since the advent of the smartphone, it's become important for website owners to make websites that look good on these devices. This is called "responsive design" or "mobile-first design". Many people don't know this, but Google only uses the mobile version of your website when making ranking decisions in the search algorithm. This is why it's essential to have a solid mobile website.

Yes, you own 100% of your website. We provide hosting and management for your website, but anytime you want to take your website business somewhere else, we will transfer it to another provider.

Yes, we will work with you to sell products on your website and collect payments. This process is considered "eCommerce". We have experience in many different industries setting up multiple kinds of eCommerce-based businesses.

Yes we do! Let us know you are a first responder or retired first responder, and we will get you a discount on your website build. Thank you for your service in our community!