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Oncore Energy website build - hydrogen fuel cell generator innovator

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Oncore Energy is a the premium provider of hydrogen fuel cell power. They provide innovative power solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and military applications. Oncore Energy is owned by BWR Innovations.

Hydrogen fuel cells offer a clean, efficient replacements for diesel generators and battery storage. The Oncore Energy Bronze unit is designed to replace the function of standby and backup diesel generators. The Oncore Energy Gold unit is a revolutionary product that turns a home with solar panels or wind power into a microgrid. Users can generate and store their own power in the form of green hydrogen.

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Custom graphics of developing product

Product development was still taking place as the website was being developed. Bluestem Media worked with Oncore Energy to explore graphical representations of future product offerings. Specifically, development of imagery for both the Gold and Bronze unit in multiple applications.

residential applications page

Inspirational hero images for application pages

Since the Oncore Energy product has many applications, pages were designed to best reflect important use cases and features for each application. The best representation for each application is represented in the billboard hero image on each application page.

Crafted content for foundational pages

Oncore Energy expressed the desire to educate and inform interested clients on the concepts of hydrogen fuel cell technology. One of the foundational pages that provides in depth educational detail is the Hydrogen Microgrid page. This page was written to provide background on the technology to bring clients in each stage of the purchase process up to speed.

what is microgrid page