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all major search engine logos including google, duckduckgo, google business, yahoo, brave search, bing and youtube

Get found in major search engines

all major search engine logos including google, duckduckgo, google business, yahoo, brave search, bing and youtube

Get found in major search engines

"We finalized our decision on hiring Bluestem Media LLC as our SEO partner. To date we have seen great results. In fact, in one of our target markets we have increased from 69th to 2nd place! Those are the results that we were looking for..."

- Ozzy Tello, Owner of Peace of Mind Inspection Services, LLC, Navarre, Florida

SEO is a hard thing to "shop" for. You are never 100% sure what you are getting for your money. You aren't sure whether a company is reputable or can deliver results. Maybe you've had bad experiences with an SEO agency in the past.

We try our best to drive leads and results for your business. Our policy is to communicate with you about what is working and what is not working. At any time, you can stop working with us if you are unhappy.

The team and SEO methodology are built from scratch. Our methods have been tested and honed over time. We hope our industry knowledge (and past mistakes) will help bring clarity to the digital marketing strategy for your business.

A leads-focused, hard-working, local SEO Agency

Things we get asked during SEO meetings

We are always in communication with you. We provide monthly dashboard reporting, along with work reports for the month. You will be able to see the progress in rankings, traffic, and conversions over time. We want to put you in the driver's seat!

Bluestem Media can do both SEO consulting and SEO subscriptions. Consulting is done on an hourly basis and is billed out at our current billable rate. Subscriptions are a flat monthly fee. 90%+ of our clients prefer the subscription model due to the easy structure AND getting "more than they paid for" many months out of the year.

Yes, we can work with websites built by other firms. Oftentimes, we will look to standardize the internal workings of the website to be similar to our current client workflows. This makes it easier to provide a higher volume of deliverables to you. 

We hate to be vague, but it really depends on the situation. A brand new website build can take up to 12+ months to start gaining traction in the SERPs. An established website can see improvements on certain keywords within weeks of starting a campaign. It really all depends on competition, industry, and age/condition of your website.


"These guys are absolutely fantastic! Easy to work with, and very quick to respond. They built our new website from scratch, and we have their premium management service for it to keep it fresh and perform the SEO functions. I cannot say enough good things about this local family business! I would recommend them to anyone."

- Tim Ireland, Owner of Forrest Jordan and Associates, LLC

"They do excellent work with webpage design and functionality."

- Dr. Vincent Pankonin, Owner of Dr. Big Pain Solutions

"Easy to work with, always very responsive and professional!"

- Kari Score, Owner of Dakota Storage Products

The business case for SEO

Our central thesis for why a business should use SEO is to use the following mental exercise: When you need to solve a problem or find a product/service, how do you go about navigating this?

For most people, they will go straight to their phones, and then straight to a search engine.

Search engines become the gatekeepers of the solution. If you are listed on their search engine, you have access to users who are ready to have their problems solved. If you are NOT listed on their search engine, you lose access.

SEO is simply the process of learning what the search engines like, and modeling our websites to best fit this preference.

90 percent of SEO traffic originates from Google image


68% of internet experiences begin with an organic search


SEO is responsible for 1,000% more web traffic than organic social media


90%+ of all web traffic originates from Google

Let's get started.

Our discovery calls are focused on delivering value and seeing if Bluestem Media would be a good fit for your business.

Let's get started.

Our discovery calls are focused on delivering value and seeing if Bluestem Media would be a good fit for your business.

Case Studies

We collect data on our performance and publish case studies of past and current clients' SEO campaigns.

Local SEO Case Study

Targeted sales leads in local city markets. 21st Google position average to 2nd Google position average!

Read case study

National SEO Case Study

Exposure for searchers looking for national energy solution. 186 high value leads and 18k page views!

Read case study

Multi Location SEO Case Study

Targeting keywords for multiple regional cities. #1 Google ranking for 60+ cities in 12 months.

Read case study

Categories of Bluestem Media's SEO work

eye icon On page

Anything visible to the human eye on your website is considered "on page". Writing content, developing landing pages, URL optimization, internal linking, UX, design, colors, etc. We help you optimize for the best possible user experience.

binos icon Off page

This is everything happening off your website. Major search engines take into consideration who is linking to you and talking about your brand. We help you manage link-building campaigns, reputation management campaigns, and more.

gauge icon Technical SEO

Ensuring your website works very well "under the hood". Website architecture, security protocols, page speed performance optimization, canonical tag issues, redirects, optimizing images, and more.

map icon Local SEO

Anytime someone searches with a [location] keyword or has the "intent" of looking for something in their's local SEO. We do keyword research, reputation management, Google Business Profile management, multi-location SEO, location landing pages, and more. (76% of users who search with their phones visit a business within a day)

writing icon Content creation

Content is the basis of all SEO. After all, a user has to have something to read or view. Content can come in the form of landing pages, blogs, articles, how-to's, video scripts, Google Business Profile updates, and product descriptions. We will help you apply strategy to the content produced.

Experience and data-driven Search Engine Optimization

Why should you choose Bluestem Media for SEO?

Bluestem has the experience, knowledge, and team to utilize SEO for your business goals. We are very easy to work with and communicate with. We integrate with your business -- whether you are a one-person operation or an enterprise corporation. Our team is made up of designers, web developers, and SEO experts. We take an "all hands on deck" approach to SEO consulting and will work hard for you. Our core team has 30+ years of combined experience working in digital marketing.

We study the latest trends in SEO, so you don't have to. Our core reading resources include information straight from the source: Google Search Central, developer documentation from Bing, and updates from DuckDuckGo. Our goal is to sift through the things that are actually important to your website and business.

The tools are industry-recognized, including Ahrefs, SpyFu, Search Console, GA4, BrightLocal, and more. These help us complete our work and deliver accurate data. This will help you anchor business decisions.

tools used by seo team


Our primary focus is to build high-quality website experiences that users enjoy. In turn, we believe our websites will be rewarded by search engines.

So then, what is a high-quality website? It's a site that considers design and user experience when building. It's a site that loads quickly when a user enters your website into the URL box. A high-quality web property will have a site architecture that is intuitive and organized. It will have crisp, clean photography and images. Buttons will work, contact forms will be easy to use and page navigation will be a breeze.

What is our methodology when it comes to working with you as a client?

4 step seo methodology used by bluestem media

Consult: We get at the root of your problems, and explore what you want to achieve with digital marketing and SEO.

Strategize: We lay out the groundwork for building infrastructure, creating graphics, managing reputation, etc.

Fulfillment: We write, build, and create the assets necessary for the strategy. This includes landing pages, design, blog posts, graphics, etc.

Measurement & reporting: You get monthly reports on our progress and work. This will have the wins for the month and things that need improvement.

Ethical SEO statement

We are a "white hat" SEO agency that only employs methods that conform to the standard practices and prescription of a good-faith search engine professional. This means we don't do fishy tactics, we won't use a weird PBN link-building scheme to get backlinks. We take a long-term view of SEO and believe that building a high-quality website and digital assets will be rewarded in the long run. Our team stays up to date with the largest and key players in the search space, including Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. We take their advice on content, methods, and practices into consideration in the work we do. Our goal is to be a reputable, upstanding agency in the digital marketing realm.

Services we offer

  • Local SEO Strategies - Use Google Business Profiles, Web 2.0 listings, and organic search to drive real leads into your contact forms via our local SEO services.
  • Backlink campaign management - We can help you obtain and build high-quality links to your website. These will be on reputable websites, and is NEVER a low-quality "link building scheme".
  • Landing page creation - a keyword ( or set of keywords) needs to be paired with a piece of content. We will help you think through heading structure, written content, images, etc.
  • Web data interpretation - we take data from places like Google Analytics 4 and make it understandable. This will help you make real business decisions.
  • Keyword research - there are many wonderful tools for doing keyword research, like Ahrefs. We apply our Bluestem Media method for doing keyword research to help you define the keywords that are actually important for driving leads.
  • Mobile-first optimization - we think about our SEO campaigns from the perspective of a smartphone user: how is the website experience on an iPhone? Can an element be clicked on an Android?

Bluestem Media Guarantee

After we launch a website, we don't just leave you hanging. We continue to provide security, updates, and service after. You have our email addresses and phone numbers and can reach out at any time.

When you work with Bluestem Media, you can have us on speed dial!

Based in Navarre, Florida

But our services are offered throughout the nation.

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About us

Bluestem Media is a family-owned and operated web design agency. We have been building websites and working with web design since the early 2000's. Bluestem was originally founded in Glyndon, Minnesota -- where the vast prairie grasslands were the inspiration for the business name. In 2019, the business relocated to sunny Navarre, Florida.