A History of Hard Work, Hustle, and Raw Focus

Bluestem Media knows what it means to build a business from the ground up.  Beginning in 2000 as a part-time side gig, we have since grown into a full-time team of specialists.  We have been proud to serve businesses throughout the United States.

Our vision has always been to build websites and relationships with small businesses.  We recognize the raw tenacity and focus it takes to run a business.  We have walked in the same shoes.

Our heart and soul is local, small business. Whether you are in Florida or anywhere in the world, we are passionate about working with you and your business.

Bluestem Roots

Wide Open Prairies. Hard Work. Real People.

Native bluestem prairie grasses once spread across the Red River region of Minnesota and North Dakota in the era of the first settlers in the mid 1800s. These settlers braved the harsh winters and worked hard through the years to make a living - and to stay alive. These men and women are the inspiration for both our name and work ethic at Bluestem Media.

Bluestem Media LLC was born in a rural Minnesota home surrounded by hundreds of acres of native prairie grasses - including big bluestem and little bluestem. You could say we are inspired by the tenacity and care of the farmers & ranchers, the craftiness and strength of the blacksmiths, the marketing of the shopkeepers, the grit of the railroad workers, and resilience of the many families who would have walked the paths winding through these bluestem grasses.

Our work reflects the character of these folks. We work hard, form relationships that matter, and use our craft to help others to be successful.

Bluestem Media is inspired by the past to create a vision of the future.

Prairie grasses

Small businesses struggle to connect with new customers online.

We clarify your message by building a website that will grow your business & make you money.


Eric Wiinanen, owner of Bluestem Media LLC

Eric Wiinanen

Web Designer, Owner & Founder

Vision + Grit

My name is Eric Wiinanen, I’m the owner and founder of Bluestem Media, LLC.

I have seen a lot of small businesses struggle with websites that don't really work for them.  I believe the frustration and confusion with your website should be a thing of the past.

This is why I created Bluestem Media: to create functional, beautiful, frustration-free websites for small businesses, and to partner with you every step of the way.

For 19 years, I’ve been passionate about helping small businesses succeed online.  My background in web design, videography, and photography have allowed me to work with some of the greatest small business owners across the US - people who care about getting the job done right, and being a contributor to the community.

My work is focused on helping your business create a better website, clarify your message, and make more money. My team and I will partner with you to create a website that fulfills your vision.

Ready to get on-board? Give us a call.

Isaac Wiinanen - Bluestem Media LLC

Isaac Wiinanen

Content Strategist

Execute + Persuade

Hi, my name is Isaac Wiinanen, I’m a Content Strategist at Bluestem Media. I’m often asked “what is a content strategist?”

Simply put, my job is to make the words on your website clear and compelling.

I have a passion and drive for making things better. If you’re reading this far down the “about” page, you probably do too. I have the privilege of working with clients to better capture their values and goals as a business and put it into writing.

The core of what I do is built on the belief that your website should be excellent. I have experience working with clients in multiple industries, and I have seen what content strategies work, and those that don’t. By leveraging SEO, analytics, persuasive copy, and content design, we can work together to make your website outstanding.

I’m excited to work with you!

Tawna Hermanson, Financial Strategies Group

"Easy to work with, great ideas, helpful, genuinely interested in seeing our business succeed, reasonably priced."

Eric has been so great to work with. Not only is he fantastic at design and presentation, he’s very helpful with helping our mission and values be seen throughout the entire website.

We have seen an increase in referrals come to us through our website. We now focus more on how to interact with those that come across our website and how to engage them in our business.

It often feels like he’s just an extension of our team since he’s always coming up with ideas on how to make our web presence better and is genuinely interested in seeing our company be successful.

Easy to work with, great ideas, helpful, genuinely interested in seeing our business succeed, reasonably priced.

Tawna Hermanson, Financial Advisor
Financial Strategies Group

Valley Christian Counseling Center logo

"Our website turned out amazing and we are definitely seeing our website generate activity for our business. It is user friendly, clean and professional."

If you want to work with a company with quality customer service & professionalism whose product is exceptional, Bluestem Media is your best option!

After meeting with Eric once, it was an easy decision to go with Bluestem Media. We would tell other competitors that we are not interested.

Our website turned out amazing and we are definitely seeing our website generate activity for our business. It is user friendly, clean and professional.

Jodi Van Peursem, Office Manager/Executive Administrative Assistant
Valley Christian Counseling Center