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What is a web design audit?

A web design audit is where a professional web designer takes time to analyze a website for visual experience and user experience (UX).  Our team spends time going through the pages of your website and looking at four different areas: design, content, user experience, and general website functionality. Each area has its own set of considerations, which are outlined below.

laptop screen with design elements


When you submit your information for a web design audit, our team will look through your website. We will make observations, measurements and bounce ideas off each other within the team. All of this analysis is boiled down to a simple report with action items. We will record a quick video explaining our findings.

Then, the report and video are sent to your email address.

Sent to your email inbox

Written PDF report on our findings from our web design team.

Personalized video going over the report


After you submit the form, it can take anywhere from 2-7 days to deliver the report.

What's next?

After you receive your report, it's up to you with how you want to use it. You can make the changes on your own, work with another web designer or agency, or work with us to implement these items! There's never any pressure to work with us. Our goal is to provide standalone value within the web design audit.

front page of a web audit report
PDF report
recorded video going over a website during an audit
Recorded video going over a website audit

Let's get started.

Audits are a great way to see what things are working, and what items need improvement.

Let's get started.

Audits are a great way to see what things are working, and what items need improvement.

How a web design audit helps you make better business decisions

Our team sees a website as the digital version of your storefront. If you have litter by the entrance, unorganized products on the shelves an confusing signage... it will be more difficult to sell customers on a product, much less have them return to your store later. We apply this same logic to your website. You should have a clean, well-organized website experience for your customers.

clean storefront
Clean storefronts attract customers and give a great experience
messy storefront
Messy shopping experiences create negative feelings with customers...and even bad reviews

What does a web design audit cover?

There are four different areas in a Bluestem Media web design audit. We look at design, content, user experience, and general website functionality. We will list some good things and things that need improvement in each section. The report you receive is not intended to be comprehensive, but to give you actionable steps to meaningfully improve your website.

paint icon Design

Everything from colors, fonts, use of space, photography, and logo elements are reviewed. We may also look at design elements, brand consistency, ADA compatibility, navigation menu setup, mobile menu sizing, and more. Everything that is a visual element to the human eye can be reviewed in a web design audit.

content icon Content

Your message is the core of your website. It tells your customers about the problem you can solve for them. We look at things like:

  • Industry and offering is immediately clear?
  • Are pages clearly titled?
  • What is the impression when they first land on the home screen?
  • Is copy readable and clear?

smile icon User experience (UX)

How a customer or user interacts with your website is very important to getting more sales, conversions and sign-ups. In this section, we look at:

  • How does website look on mobile?
  • Is the main page/home page is intuitive?
  • Is there a call to action?
  • How do buttons work?
  • Are critical actions free of barriers?
  • Are forms are clearly labeled?
  • Are fonts legible? Consistent size?

gear icon General website functionality

Everything else falls under this category. We look at things like:

  • Are there proper meta descriptions?
  • Is business information up to date?
  • Are pages are linked together properly?
  • Are footer links properly structured?

Absolutely. You could even take the results of this audit to another web designer if you wish. It's yours!

If you're looking for someone to help you implement the changes, we would love to help you. 

Depending on our current project load and the complexity of your website, expect anywhere from 2 days to 7 days. We try to get back to you as soon as possible.