Case Study: Improved Visibility & Search Traffic in 80+ Regional Cities

case study multi location campaign

#1 Google ranking for 60+ locations

in 12 month campaign

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Our client wanted to rank on the first page of Google for “pallet rack” + “[location]” related keywords. These locations range from small towns, to larger regional cities. Pallet racking holds pallets in warehouse storage.


Spoke with the client about goals for this campaign. Completed keyword research and SERP (search engine results page) intent analysis. Our team discovered many of the keywords were low difficulty, but current content was not matching the ‘intent’ Google used to rank pages at the time. We built location page infrastructure, plus appropriate pages for each desired location.


#1 Google Ranking for 60+ Locations, 1st page for 70+ Locations

We were targeting several keyword variations on each page, based on our SERP analysis. There were two locations in the #1 Google result before the campaign. After 6 months of the campaign, there were 62 regional locations with the #1 organic Google result.

Map of locations ranked #1 before campaign
Map of locations ranked #1 after campaign

936 hyper-targeted pageviews in 12 months

In the first 12 months of the campaign, the location pages captured 936 hyper targeted pageviews. These pages were viewed when the user entered a combination of "[product]" + "[location]", putting these leads in a high-value category.

Web traffic by location pages in Google Analytics

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