Case Study: Brand Identity Clarification Leads to Increased Conversions

case study brand identity improvement increases conversions on website

Improved conversion rate from 0.9% to 2.3%

after website redesign

Brand image & aesthetic improvements

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We worked with the Hero Schedule team to develop a brand identity and better explore the core message of their SAAS offering. Hero Schedule is an employee scheduling software solution in the first responder industry. The executive team worked with Bluestem Media to broadcast the vision of Hero Schedule into the digital realm. The campaign aimed to develop a clear brand message and increase the website conversion rate.


Clarify brand identity - worked with Hero Schedule marketing team to discover the exact problems they solve for their clients. We worked with them on positioning their brand as the "guide" in the process, rather than the "hero" or center of attention. Developed a brand identity guide to be used by the marketing staff.

Website redesign - It was decided the website needed a complete overhaul in design and messaging. 30 brand new pages were added to the sitemap to help support the core product. New fonts, colors, and elements were developed for a better user experience.

Website copy strategy - content was written with the target audience in mind. A straightforward, direct tone was used when writing for first responders.

Graphic design strategy - we avoided cliche corporate graphic design elements found on other SAAS websites and used software visuals as the core marketing assets. Software screenshots were used as the supporting graphics on each feature page.

Improve lead generation - buttons with clear calls-to-action were developed, and a new "pop up" system was built for capturing leads.


Completely updated website aesthetic 

The visual appeal of the website was noticeably improved. Feedback received from Hero Schedule executive staff and third-party reviewers on the changes. Both parties gave high remarks on the design and functionality of the website.

Company prepared for an industry conference

One significant goal of Hero Schedule was to prepare for an industry conference. One key roadblock to attending a conference was a lack of consistency between the online branding and the software product. With this gap finally bridged, they are exploring the possibility of professional conventions and industry conference appearances.

Improved conversion rate from 0.9% to 2.3%

The website conversion rate improved from 0.9% in 2022 (pre-redesign) to 2.3% in 2023, directly attributed to better messaging, clearer calls to action, and a better lead generation system.

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