Case Study: eCommerce Website Design for Retail Garden Brand Increases Pageviews by 800%

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Garden Fungi is a brand of mycorrhizal fungi, used for enhancing the roots of garden plants. It was the brainchild of New Age Farming owner Brady K., whose primary brand (Farm Fungi) reaches agricultural consumers with primarily ag products. Brady wanted to blaze a new frontier into retail-level gardening with his premium mycorrhizal product.

Since Garden Fungi was being built from scratch, Brady wanted to partner with Bluestem Media to create a new vision and direction. The website was to be the foundation of all other marketing efforts, both paid and organic. The design needed to be fresh, professional, and influence conversions.


Education being core to sales - mycorrhizal fungi is not a product that a standard household would be familiar with. It takes some education to explain the benefits of use and to frame the value. Bluestem Media's goal was to have a potential user go from zero knowledge of the science to understanding the why and how of mycorrhizal fungi within 45 seconds.

Leaning on "green" and "lush" graphic design - We wanted to communicate a product that creates abundant produce and amazing flowers. High-resolution photos, infographics, and video were used in the design to give this "feel".

High-quality eCommerce experience - users need to be comfortable through the purchase process. We modeled the purchase process in a way similar to, with images, descriptions, reviews, Q&A's, and an intuitive cart system. Secure credit card processing through VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.


Birth of a new digital brand

Garden Fungi was launched to the world on February 1, 2023. With state-of-the-art video, graphics, and design, the website is considered one of Bluestem Media's finest pieces of work.

"I'm happy to see our friends at New Age Farming place get another digital asset in place for their business. It was a great project, and Brady was awesome to work with" Isaac Wiinanen, Content Strategist at Bluestem Media.

Generated evergreen educational content

A big part of the strategic vision was to become a primary source of information for gardeners, especially those looking into mycorrhizal fungi. A post-launch initiative was created to generate original content revolving around soil education and mycorrhizal fungi education. Two cornerstone pieces were co-authored by Garden Fungi staff and the Bluestem Media content team.

Increased product pageviews by 800%

The total number of pageviews on the garden product increased by 800% after the launch of the new website. This traffic was acquired from a mix of paid, organic, and referral sources. This was calculated by comparing a 5-month window on each website to better account for any irregularities or fluctuations.

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