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Dr Big Pain Solutions is a pain management clinic located in Perham, Minnesota. The professionals offer a variety of cutting edge treatments and traditional chiropractic care. Dr Big Pain is owned by Dr. Vincent Pankonin.

Dr. Pankonin partnered with Bluestem Media to create the official website for Dr Big Pain Solutions. He was looking for something that would reflect the professional, yet caring nature of his business. The website will act as the hub for all digital marketing efforts.

Website Services Provided:

Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, and WordPress Support & Hosting

Custom conditions treated graphics

Created custom graphics to represent the various symptoms experienced by future customers. These include representations of the location of the pain, mapped out on a skeleton.

custom conditions treated graphics
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Services consolidated to single page

Planned content around having extensive "services" information on a single web page. Used anchor tags, varying column widths, borders and images to make the page understandable and navigable.

Clean "billboard" header area with rounded images

White background with black text and red accents were used in the header areas. Rounded images on the upper right and lower left sides create a "professional, medial" feel to visual elements.

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