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Salt B Gone is a soil desalinization solution developed by Brady Krchnavy, owner of New Age Farming LLC.  He has developed award-winning industry solutions in agriculture soil health. Brady needed a website to be the forward-facing marketing of this new soil health technology. He partnered with Bluestem Media to create a single-page website. 

Website Services Provided:

Copywriting, Web Design, WordPress, and WordPress Support & Hosting

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Single-page website with full menu navigation

The website is designed as a single page, but with navigation links leading to anchor tags on the page. The mobile menu is also designed with this functionality.

single page website with navigation
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"Choose your own adventure" calls to action

There are two different ways a user can convert on the website: either following the "buy now" link to purchase the products OR contacting Salt B Gone's staff through the website. Both options are listed.